National fiesta last Friday, everything was shut, so did a bit of machining.

Wasn’t happy with the clap hinge on the prototype, slightly agricultural.

It was really uncomfortable to hold in one hand, so I machined down the arms to make the brackets flush.

The clearance required for the hex fixing bolts was tight, so need to move the fixing hole a bit to the right.

The sharp bracket angle was annoying, so rounded them off. I didn’t have any dome headed hex bolts

A lot more comfortable to hold.

Got a few quotes for making a real protoype box, ouch, about the same as a month’s rent for my Spanish appartment. But finally got some money for an illegal naughty but race winning modification I did to a slot car controller, over 18 months ago.

Delivery, 1 to 2 weeks. 3 to 4 weeks, arghh

The end is in sight.