A lot of spare time now, so more done on the box, it’s been sitting around for long enough. I’ve been playing around with the clapper, countersinking the brackets. It looks nicer, but takes a very long time to mill in my Sherline CNC setup, much more than a couple of hours.

The weight is about 520g, just over a pound, with batteries.Image

Much neater than my metal work, pity they ignored my “No Screw Holes  to be Visible”. A minor miss-comprehension! Otherwise all OK.

It cost over the equivalent of one months apartment rent.




Still a few things to consider such as the  paint finish, should it have a removable transparent  polycarbonate front plate, so you don’t need to write on the box.

This is what it looks like before I finish the wiring. That’s the last development board being sacrificed. The new one (to be) is much better in terms of talking to the outside world, that’s switches and button to press, and possibly LTC out, after it has been jammed.


Can’t do much more until the Molex connectors arrive, hopefully tomorrow