My TC Jenny, was just going too well, then the graphics display dies after a few minutes , and it was looking quite pretty.

So far

It reads external time code, all flavours.


It generates TC and will jam to external code, frame accurate. It’s only running off a standard 50ppm accuracy crystal, so about a frames drift every couple of hours, a TCXO will fix that.


Reads TC via the 433 MHz receiver, haven’t got the signal strength metering working, or any simple error checking.

Haven’t got the menu working, run out of push buttons, needs a a 9V battery, I need to get my hands on a little  switch mode IC so it can run off 2 AA cells, like the LTC3499, looks like a nice little animal.

It uses a Atmel micro which is almost full

AVR Memory Usage


Device: atmega88p

Program: 7672 bytes (93.7% Full)

(.text + .data + .bootloader)

Data: 117 bytes (11.4% Full)

(.data + .bss + .noinit)

The main program is only about 2300 bytes of that, most of  it is storing the fonts for the display, so it needs a chopping down with a chain saw, so I can get the Menu in.